Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tag...I'm It!

I've never been tagged via blog before! It's like adult cross country question tag!

I was tagged by Jenn at Brown Eyed Girl's Ramblings

So, here I go...prepare yourselves, you may be next!

1. What is your favorite beverage?
Diet Coke. Sometime I crave it in various forms, for example, sometime I like to drink it out of a small glass cup without ice, other times I like it over ice with a straw in a plastic cup, I rarely like DC out of a can, but my most favorite way to drink DC??? makes the bubbles super fizzy! And yes, DC tastes different depending on the type of container you drink it from.

2. What is your must have item when you leave the house?
That depends on where I'm going, but I always have my sunglasses...except at night of course.

3.) What is your favorite vacation spot?
Carl and I just talked about this! When we lived in NC we loved going to Boone and staying at this place called The High County Inn. There was an excellent home-style breakfast place right next door, I think it was called Sunny Side Grill, it is one of those places that has all different kinds of coffee mugs so you feel like you are having your morning coffee at home in your "own" mug.

4.) Vanilla or Chocolate?
I am forever a Chocolate girl.

5.) Where do you spent most of your time outside of work/ home?
That's a toughie because when I'm not at one I'm at the other. But in the event of a natural disaster and I couldn't go to either, I would go to Barnes and Noble.

6.) Are you a reader? Is so, who is your favorite author?
Yes, I'm a reader but it is hard to narrow down a favorite so here are my top 3 authors/ books. 1.) Lois Lowry- The Giver, 2.) Sally M. Keene- I am Regina, 3.) Anne Easter Smith- A Rose for the Crown. However, I did read 99% of all of Nicholas Sparks books until a few years ago...I am now behind by about 4 books.

7.) Other than blogger, what is your favorite website to visit?
I enjoy facebook.

8.) Who was your childhood best friend? Are you still friends?
Here is the problem and still is a problem...anyone I've ever considered a 'best friend' has moved away and then eventually I was the one to move away. So, I keep in touch with most of my former 'bests' via facebook and e-mail now.

So, I guess now it's my turn to tag people and ask my own 8 questions. Here's the deal, I will let you decide if you want to be tagged, if you want to participate, just answer the following questions in a blog post and send me the link! Is this cheating?

  1. How did you create the name/ title of your blog?
  2. Describe your blog in 3 words.
  3. Do you follow people back when they follow you?
  4. Do you actually read all the blogs you follow?
  5. Do you write your blog on a laptop? If so, where do you sit when you blog?
  6. Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? (put a link to that post here)
  7. Which post written by someone else did you enjoy reading the most and why? (put a link to that post here)
  8. Why did you choose to follow me? How did you find me?
I hope that a lot of you participate, I can't wait to read your answers!


  1. #1 - Drinks DO taste different depending on the container. My personal fav is fountain in a styrofoam cup. I know it's not eco friendly, but that's the best!

    #2 - I went to ASU and lived in Boone for 2yrs...and LOVE Boone!!! I still feel very at home there!


    #3 - I had to read "The Giver" when I was in college and really loved it. It was a good read!

    Thanks for playing along!!!

  2. Hey Cortney...had a lot of fun working on this and it was very helpful ;)


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