Friday, August 13, 2010


Ha, Ha...I got you!

No, there wasn't an earthquake...even if there was I wouldn't be able to tell because my desk looks like something exploded. To be more specific here is what exploded on my desk: left over school projects, school projects on the 'to do' list, my last scrapbook adventure, bills that need to be filled, CD/ DVDs without a home, random markers that I used and didn't put back, picture frames with out pictures, boxes of pictures, and so on and so forth. Here, take a look for yourself...

Needless to say, I can not create anything in this space. This is unfortunate because I signed up to craft for Rewind Week hosted at Sew Loquacious and it was due earlier this week. I was not able to complete it and I didn't even e-mail her and tell her I wouldn't be able to ( I was in a non-smoking coma for a few days). Sorry!

So, I tackled my desk today. It really didn't take that long. A lot of that "stuff" is for school...which I brought home to work on during my summer break. I put it all in a designated box labeled "school" that way it's all in one place and NOT in the way of doing some of my personal projects that I want to do this summer.

Here is the result.

I am now going to venture out to Michael's. I think I deserve some new yarn and I want to look for a few other things too...not sure what those things are until I see them.

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you later for an Update on Day #5 of my 21-Day Challenge...can you guess how it's going?


  1. It looks GREAT!

    Hey - - - we're getting ready to move, and need to sell this house, why don't you run right over here and help me get all MY "hidden" corners looking like this?????


  2. Not funny...Earthquake that is...especially posting on Friday the 13th ;) Very impressed with your looks 100 percent better!

  3. Keetha- I'm off for the next 3 weeks and I'm free of charge! LOL!

  4. I wish my mess was as easy to pick up. More years of accumulation and no more room to put everything.

  5. I wish my mess was as easy to pick up. More years of accumulation and no more room to put everything.

  6. Looks good! I'm sure these little projects will help to keep your mind off the non-smoking! Keep it up!


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