Monday, August 16, 2010

Pay It Forward

Thanks to the lovely Angela from Sew Loquacious I found out about a great way to promote handmade gifts through a project called Pay It Forward (PIF). Here is how it works: 1.)Angela will be sending me and 2 of her other readers a handmade gift, 2.) it return the 3 of us will post about it on our blog and host our own PIF for 3 of our own readers, 3.) then those people will continue the PIF from their blog. Confused?

Here are the official "rules" of the PIF

1. The first 3 people to visit my blog & leave a comment here on this post saying they want to participate will receive a homemade gift from me. You are allowed 1 year (according to the rules) in which to send out the gift.

2. You must have a blog of your own to participate in the PIF.

3. You must post about the PIF on your blog & you must offer the challenge of a PIF.

By accepting my PIF, YOU agree to host a PIF on your blog, you will agree to send a homemade gift (within 1 year) to the first 3 people who sign up on your blog to participate in your PIF & so it continues.

I started working on my 3 handmade gifts last night and I hope to have them completed in the next 3 weeks. I set this goal for myself, because once school starts again I won't have as much time to dedicate to the projects. However, the PIF rules say that you have up to 1 year to send out your handmade you have plenty of time to participate and to create!

If this sounds like something you would like to participate in just leave me a comment and mention that you are interested in participating in my PIF. I'm not going to tell you what I'm making, you'll just have to sign up in blind faith.

PS- While searching for an image to go along with the PIF, I found several other blogs that participated in a PIF and they date back to early 2009! How big is this PIF?


  1. I would like to do this only if it's within the U.S. because of shipping. If that's not ok, then remove my post.

    Shirley C.

  2. ShirleyC- you're in! When you post about the PIF just make sure to state in the post that yours is for US Residents Only, no problem. I just hopped over to your blog and signed up to follow you too.

  3. Jill- you're in! This is going to be fun!

  4. Thanks, Cortney! I will be gone all day tomorrow so I will post it on my blog tomorrow night.
    I hope I have 3 takers! LOL


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