Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Favorite #1

The Smell
I bet everyone will have this on their fall favorites list! No matter where you live or what traditions your family celebrates, you can't deny that the smell of autumn is intoxicating!

Of course many of the smells of autumn come drifting through the house from the kitchen. My all time, hands down favorite smell is fresh baked

Apple Pie
or is my favorite Apple Crisp?

I could eat either of these apple filled delights for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the fall.
The best way to eat them of course is with a scoop of French Vanilla Ice Cream! Yummy!
30 minutes to make it...1 minute to devour it!

It's too hard to decide which smell I love the most! I am not a fan of pumpkin pie but I do LOVE the smell of pumpkin pie spice. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Orange, Hot Cider, Hot Cocoa, Pure Vanilla
Just naming all those scents makes me feel COZY.
The smells transport me home to my family even when I'm 1,000 miles away.
I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry.
Okay, maybe a little crying, but the good kind, not the ugly kind.

Since I just baked an apple pie here, my house smells wonderful! I am thankful that my home is so small because it allows the scent to drift into every room. If I could bottle that smell and send it to you in the basket I would, but instead I'll do the next best thing.

Take a look at what is going into the basket today...

*My special blend of spices for Apple Pie with the recipe. All you need is a pie crust and apples and your home will smell just like mine! *My special blend of spices for Apple Crisp with the recipe. All you need is butter and apples and your nose and stomach will be happy! *Fresh Vanilla beans *An antique silver pie server *An antique 'Mrs. Smith's Mello Rich Pie' tin *2 small scented candles *2 vintage cookie cutters

The basket is getting full already and I'm only on Fall Favorite #1!

I hope my Fall Favorite #1 has gotten you in the mood to fill your home with your favorite fall smells! If your favorite smells are anything like mine they will taste as good as they smell!

Thank you for joining me!
Fall Favorite #2 will be here soon so stay tuned!


  1. I was making my list of 5 fall favorites during my drive into work this morning. I need to get composing on my post so I can link it to your party.

    Have an Apple Pie Kinda Day! La

  2. Oh girl, this is a way to make me long for cooler days and warm desserts! I can almost smell the apple pie....or pumpkin with cool whip on top! ;-)

  3. The pie looks so yummy ;) Your giveaway basket looks full already so I can't imagine what else you are going to fit in there.

  4. with 92-95 degree temps again this week, I won't be doing any apple crisp or pie cooking, but I will drool over your pictures and imagine the wonderful smell! I COULD be enjoying the french vanilla ice cream though!

  5. Your post and blog are so lovely. I can smell the pies now. Gotta raid the pantry.....


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