Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day #4 of my 21-Day Challenge

21 Reasons to Quit Smoking

  1. Because my hair smells like smoke.
  2. Because my clothes smell like smoke. 
  3. Because my breathe just smells bad.
  4. Because my smoking hand smells like cigarettes.
  5. Because my sense of smell is minimal, but I know #'s 1-4 are true because when I was a non-smoker I could smell it on other smokers.
  6. Because one of my students who is verbal told me "You smell like smoke"
  7. Because my jaw hurts from chewing gum to cover my smoke breathe.
  8. Because I wheeze for no reason.
  9. Because when I get sick I smoke even though it feels like razors are ripping at my throat and lungs.
  10. Because I get sick more often because I smoke.
  11. Because I want to stay in bed on my days off with my husband instead of getting up to smoke in the morning.
  12. Because I want to cuddle with my husband after *** with out needing to get up and smoke.
  13. Because I don't want to rush through a meal so I can go smoke.
  14. Because I don't want to worry about where I am going and wonder if I'll be able to smoke there or not.
  15. Because I want to save $168 per month towards a vacation instead of towards cigarettes.
  16. Because I want to hike Runyon Canyon without stopping to catch my breathe every few yards.
  17. Because I want to go to the airport and not have an anxiety attack about NOT being able to smoke.
  18. Because I don't want to kill myself slowly with cigarettes.
  19. Because my family loves and supports me.
  20. Because my husband loves and supports me.
  21. Because I love and support me.
P.S. Tonight I learned how to bowl with out smoking between games. Unrelated to that, we won. We are the #1 Summer team on our league and I have the highest female scratch and handicap games. I get a trophy next week. I am going to put my new trophy next to the trophy I won last year...a horses ass, for being dead last.


  1. Great post! Sounds like you had a better day and took your control back. Wonderful bowling...still can't believe your scores...great way to kick butt!

  2. What a great list! I hope it keeps you motivated during the hard moments!


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